The Android native app does not respect the system property glide.ui.m.default_record_navigation=form on android tablets.


Setting the system proiperlty glide.ui.m.default_record_navigation to form does not apply to the Android native app on Android tablets. The user will always be directed to the activity filter view when navigating to a record from the list view.

This issue only affects Android tablets.

Steps to Reproduce

1. On our test instance, set the system property "glide.ui.m.default_record_navigation" to the value "form" as instructed in:
2.. Log into the instance using the native Android App on a tablet
3. Go to the incident list view
4. Open a record

Expected behaviour:
The incident will open in a Form view

Actual behaviour:
The incident opens up in the Activity Stream view


No workaround available for this issue, though it only impacts Android tablets and user's are still able to view the form view by clicking on the record when in the Activity Stream view.

Related Problem: PRB1303857