Why are some of my Software Licenses/Entitlements set as Retired state?



When looking at your Software Entitlements table [alm_license], you may see some with State=Retired [install_status=7].

Asset -> Software Entitlement (or License Assets for older versions)
Software Asset -> Software Entitlements
(or Software Licenses for older versions)


All releases with with a Software Asset Management plugin installed.


One cause is that these licences were merged into a new licence by someone clicking the 'Merge with Similar Records' related link on one of those licenses' forms.

That process takes all the Rights from all the alm_license records that share the same Model, and creates a new record that now has the sum of all those rights.

The records that were merged now have State=Retired, and will have the 'Merged into' field set with a reference to the new licence.


Don't use the retired record, and instead use the new merged record.

Additional Information

For full details of this Merge feature, please refer to the documentation - Merge a software license.