A new Single Line Text type variable created from an existing Reference type variable retains the previous reference


When creating a "Single Line Text" type variable from an existing "Reference" type variable, the system retains the previous reference from the original field, even though the newly created field is a different type.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Login any current instance as administrator.
2. Open an existing Service Catalog reference variable, for example 'Manager'.
3. Change the reference type to "Single Line Text" and modify the name to "Manager_PRB".
4. Click on "Insert and Stay".
Notice the system creates the new variable "Manager_PRB" with type "Single Line Text", but it does not empty the reference field, holding the previous reference "User[sys_user]", as you can verify this on the list view.


Instead of converting an existing reference variable to "Single Line Text", create a new "Single Line Text" variable from scratch.

This behaviour is by design for the insert and stay functionality, which is copy the data from the form into the new record. A possible enhancement is under review. To receive notifications when more information is available, you can subscribe to this article by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right of the page.

Related Problem: PRB729816