When creating a new Standard Change Template Save button is not responding



When creating a new Standard Change Template using 'Propose a new Standard Change Template' catalog item clicking 'Save' button dont save the form. Form just stays and nothing happens.

You will see an error in the Console:

js_includes_catalog.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Thu_Aug_16_20_27_07_PDT_2018&c=19_320:4104 Uncaught ReferenceError: func is not defined

    at e.callCatalogSubmitHandlers (js_includes_catalog.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Thu_Aug_16_20_27_07_PDT_2018&c=19_320:4104)

    at e.catalogOnSubmit (js_includes_catalog.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Thu_Aug_16_20_27_07_PDT_2018&c=19_320:4112)

    at saveProducer (com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_view.do?v=1&sysparm_id=<sys_id>&sysparm_link_parent=<>&sysparm_catalog=<>&sysparm_catalog_view=catalog_default:579)

    at progressFormSubmit (StdChgProposalRPScript.jsdbx:107)

    at submitStdChgProposalInNew (StdChgProposalRPScript.jsdbx:118)

    at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_view.do?v=1&sysparm_id=<>&sysparm_link_parent=<>&sysparm_catalog=<>&sysparm_catalog_view=catalog_default:559)


Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston 


OnSubmit catalog client script on 'Propose a new Standard Change Template' catalog item


-- Issue is happening due to custom OnSubmit client script on catalog item, if the script has below function call:


-- HTML elements have changed and that function call is no longer returning a valid value and causing the client side error.

Disabling the client script will resolve the issue. Review the client script and look for other options to make the requirement work


Additional Information

-- In the base system, there is no client script that uses this function call, so its always custom client script that has this function call. 

-- Instead of using client script try to use 'Mandatory Change Request Values' and see if that will help you achieve your functionality: Configure standard change catalog properties