Unable to show/hide UI action located at the bottom of the form through a UI policy.



When using a UI policy to hide a Ui action based on a condition. Only the UI action on the top header of the form will be hidden. The same UI action on the bottom of the form will remain. 



all releases


Scripting issue on how to properly hide a UI Action via Ui policy.


For our UI action name "test". In order to hide both the top and bottom UI actions. We need to input the following into the corresponding UI policy "Execute if True" and "Execute if False" fields.

Execute if True: 
function onCondition() { 

Execute if False: 
function onCondition() { 


This will resolve the issue of hiding both top and bottom UI actions on the form via UI policy.

Additional Information

UI action "test" example screenshot:

 UI Policy Script using our "test" UI action as an example: