Service Mapping Failure to launch with error: "java.lang.NullPointerException"



Service mapping view map Just throws a nullpointer exception after entering the entry point



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Out of the box, Service mapping depends on the following relationship types, if any of these relationships types are modified or removed we will be throwing a nullpointer exception

Not all of them are mandatory for service mapping to succeed. But some are critical. list of mandatory relation typed that should not be modified or removed

Runs On::Runs
Hosted on::Hosts
Applicative Flow To::Applicative Flow From
Implement End Point To::Implement End Point From
Use End Point To::Use End Point From
Cluster of::Cluster
Contains::Contained by
Members::Member of
Depends on::Used by

We also query for these relationship types based on the sys_id as part of the script include "MetadataRulesProvider", If you modify or recreate the relationship types, make sure you update the sys_id of the rel_type in the script include.


var HOSTED_ON = "14cdeec3138bda001c5b38b2f244b068";//original was "5f985e0ec0a8010e00a9714f2a172815";
var CONTAINS = "d0756272245578001a9d3579d366084a";//original was "55c95bf6c0a8010e0118ec7056ebc54d";


-If any of the above rel_types are missing, re-import or re-create these relationship types.

-If the rel_type has a different sys_id than what we are querying for in "MetadataRulesProvider", please update it with proper sys_id.