Mid Server Import Issue



MID Server run into OutOfMemory error when importing data from JDBC Datasource


All releases.



Depending on the query configure (or if all rows is selected), MID Server might have queried too many records which caused it to run out of memory when data is returned. 


MID Server can stream the records in batches to prevent it from running out of memory. This option requires 'Integration - JDBC' plugin (com.snc.integration.jdbc) activated. Follow the below steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Create a plugin activation request on HI for 'Integration - JDBC' plugin (com.snc.integration.jdbc) 

    2. Once Plugin is activated, goto System Import Sets > Administration > Data Sources 

    3. Personalize the list layout and show the column 'Jdbcprobe result set rows'. 

    4. Locate the JDBC Data Source that you're working on and configure the size of the result set (ex: 200) you want the integration to fetch per batch based on the following KB article: 

    5. Restart MID Server.