High security plugin - Unable to edit property, users see the message "Not allowing set of unsafe property value: glide.sm.default_mode=Allow"


Every time user tries to change the value field of the property 'glide.sm.default_mode' the user get a message 'Not allowing set of unsafe property value: glide.sm.default_mode=Allow'.

This property is available with High Security Plugin. 

Default Deny Property

Steps to Reproduce

1- Go to http://<instancename.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=sys_properties.do?sys_id=7c6aa3eec0a801661201fd1851650d00
2- Change the 'Value' field from 'deny' to 'allow'.
3- Click 'Save'.
4- Note the error message: 'Not allowing set of unsafe property value: glide.sm.default_mode=Allow'

Unexpected behavior:
- Step 4

Expected behavior:
- Step 4 should be the form been saved without error message (see helsinkipatch7 or geneva patch10)


This is an intended behavior. You should not go to default-allow mode since it exposes all tables without ACLs to everybody.

Related Problem: PRB944585