Change and Cancel UI action on the 'Add secure info' UI Action's pop-up dialog box doesn't work.


With the Encryption Support plugin activated, there can be multiple Encryption Contexts configured on an instance and changing the encryption context for a form should apply the modified encrypted context to any updated encrypted field value on the form. But the Change and Cancel UI action on the 'Add secure info' UI Action's pop-up dialog box doesn't work. 

Steps to Reproduce

1)Install the plugins "com.glide.encryption" and "com.snc.task_encryption.demo".

2)From the nav bar, search for Encryption context and create a context by clicking on New.

3)After creating the Encryption context, open it and create two different roles for it(if the roles related list is not on the form, configure it). 

4)Go to the sys_user table. Open Abel tuter. Assign the two new roles. Create a password to log in. 

5)Log in to the instance as Abel tuter. 

6)Go to any task table(ex: incident) and open a record. 

7)Click on 'Add secure info' UI action.

8)In the Confirm Encryption Context dialog, click the drop-down and choose a different Encryption context.

9)Click on Change or Cancel UI action on the dialog box.

Notice nothing happens. Open up the browser console to see the Uncaught ReferenceError.


Navigate to "dialog_choose_encryption" UI page and make the following changes in the Client Script part of the UI page.

1) Modify line 7 from 

2) Modify line 12 in function actionCancel from 

Related Problem: PRB900017