Records in scoped application are not accessible/viewable for some users



Error message "Number of rows removed from this list by Security constraints" on a list or "No record found" on form view is shown when users trying to view records that are in a scoped application.


All releases


Cause by the system having specific table level read ACL(s) on the scope application.


1) Verify that the scoped application has "Application administration" field checked. When this field is check it tells the system to follow ACLs within that scoped application rather than the ACLs on global scope.

2) Identify which table level read ACLs are present for the scope application in question and make necessary changes to allow users access.

An example of such ACL would be:

Type: record

Operation: read

Name: Email Client Canned Messages [sys_email_canned_message] None

Application: Human Resources: Core

Additional Information

More information regarding Application administration