Removing Formatting option doesn't remove formatting of the text while copying it over text editor in Knowledge Article



HTML fields are not formatted based on selected "Remove Formatting" Options.
It seems it is not respecting 'Removing Formatting' option.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create new KB Article or edit existing KB article
    Navigate Knowledge > Create New
  2. Copy a bold-styled text (CTRL + C)
  3. Paste the copied text into HTML field (CTRL + V)
  4. The window below pops up. 
    'Paste Formatting Options' with options Remove Formatting, Keep Formatting
  5. Select Remove Formatting
  6. Paste again, this time select Keep Formatting and get the same result. 

Actual behavior: When Remove Formatting is selected, the text is still seen in bold.
Expected behavior: When Remove Formatting is selected, the text should not be in bold.


This is the expected behavior according to TinyMCE support and isn't fixed in the latest version of the PowerPaste plugin. We've submitted a feature request to them for this.

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