CIM Discovery fails with unable to determine the appropriate schema for port


Probe parameter 'schema' must be added to CIM related probes when using no standard CIM port

Steps to Reproduce

Run a CIM discovery as explained in the product documentation:

When Discovery is complete, the following error is displayed in the Discovery log:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to determine the appropriate schema for port: 6989

Notice that this is a non-default port number 6989, but it can be any other non-default port number


When using CIM on port other than 5989 (5988) the Probe parameter 'schema' with the value 'HTTPS' must be added to the following Probes: 

CIM - Identity 
SMI - WBEM Service 
SMI - Array - File Shares 
CIM - Computer System 
CIM - Identity - WBEM Service 
CIM - Classify 

Related Problem: PRB817358