The view was deleted from sys_ui_related_list but it still shows when configuring related lists of a form



Usually, deleting a view from sys_ui_related_list should prevent the user from seen the view in the dropdown list by the field 'View name' found when configuring related lists. For example:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to
  2. Create the following filter and run it:
    • Table= Incident
    • View name= nameoftheview
  3. Check the box for the record, and select 'delete' from the dropdown list found at the bottom of the list.
  4. Create view nameoftheview.
  5. Navigate to an Incident form (ig INC0000055)
  6. Right click on the header and select Configure > Related lists
  7. Note that the user still sees the view in the Configure Form > Related List page by the field "View name".


- Unexpected behavior: Step number 7

- Expected behavior: Step number 4 should be 'nameoftheview is no longer showing in the dropdown list by "View name"'



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The unexpected behavior is probably due to a View Rule forcing the user to the nameoftheview view.


To solve the issue, the view rule referencing the view must be deleted. This is how it can be done:

  1. Navigate to System UI > View Rules.
  2. Create the following filter and run it:
    • View = nameoftheview
  3. Delete the View Rule.  

Additional information

The fact that the view won't go away because of the view rule is not a platform defect if there is a function like the View Rule forcing nameoftheview View. The steps to delete the view found in the Symptom section of this article did indeed delete the view permanently (deleting view permanently = nameoftheview is no longer found under sys_ui_related_list). 

The view showing in the screenshot below step 7 is a new view. This new view is temporary and it was temporarily created because of the View Rule. When the view rule is triggered, the user will be taken to the view listed in the 'View' field from the View Rule form. If that view is not already in the system (the view is not found under sys_ui_related_list), it will be temporarily created and it will never be permanently created unless the user makes changes on the Slushbuckets from step 7 and hit the button Save.