Approval record is updated but workflow doesn't progress when user approves or rejects approval



  • When an approver approves or rejects an approval, we see the approval record (sysapproval_approver) is updated but the related workflow doesn't progress.
  • When the approver try to open the approving record (for example: change_request, sc_req_item), the user gets "Record Not Found" error.
  • But if an admin user Nudge the workflow, the workflow then progresses.



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Possible cause: Query business rules are preventing the approver from seeing the record that should be approved or rejected. So the workflow context of the record won't be updated.



  1. Login as admin and go to System Definition > Business Rules.
  2. In the Business Rules list, expand the filter panel on the top, filter on Table and Query fields. e.g. Table = change_request  AND Query = true
  3. This will list all the Query business rules that is on the change_request table. If the approval issue is related to change_request workflow, one of the business rules in this list is causing the issue.
  4. Check each business rule and review the script in the business rule. Or disable them and test the business rules one-by-one.