Opening Agile stories from Story Progress Board occasionally also open the preview popup interfering with updating the record.


Opening stories from the Story Progress Board related link on an Agile sprint record occasionally also opens the preview popup, potentially interfering with the ability to update the record if the popup covers certain fields or buttons. The popup cannot be closed.

Steps to Reproduce

Reproducible on Kingston, but not able to reproduce this on Jakarta.

  1. Activate the Project Portfolio with Financials plugin and include the demo data. This plugin activates also the Agile Development plugin.
  2. Navigate to Agile Development > Open Sprints
  3. Open the first sprint record.
  4. In the Stories related list, click Edit, and add the first four stories to this sprint. Save.
  5. Click the Story Progress Board related link.

    Expected behavior:
    On the progress story board, hovering over the circled i for each story will display a preview popup.
    Clicking the circled i will open the Edit Story popup.

    Actual behavior:
    This appears to be a timing issue but occasionally, if you click the circled i to open the Edit Story popup, the preview popup will also open over the Edit Story popup. The preview popup isn't closable or movable, and depending on where it opens, it can interfere with accessing the fields or buttons on the Edit Story popup.


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