How to create a copy of a Dashboard in ServiceNow


The need may arise to create an exact copy of a Dashboard on an instance.  This is usually performed in order to provide the same information as on another dashboard to a different set of roles or group members.  This procedure details how to make a duplicate copy of a dashboard in the ServiceNow system.


The procedure to make a copy of a dashboard is somewhat different based on whether the dashboard to be copied is a Responsive Dashboard or a non-responsive Dashboard. 

Responsive Dashboard Copy

For a Responsive Dashboard, the following steps can be used to create a duplicate copy of the dashboard:

  1. Log in to the instance, with an account that has the permissions to view the dashboard to be copied.
  2. Click the Contextual menu on the dashboard screen.  If no contextual menu is found, this is most probably a non-responsive dashboard, so the instructions below for copying a non-responsive dashboard should be used instead.
  3. From the pop-up menu that appears, select the option titled Duplicate Dashboard.
  4. The copy will be created and displayed on the form.  The name of the dashboard will default to Copy of <Name of Copied Dashgoard>.  Thus, you will probably prefer to rename this to something more meaningful.  To do this, click the contextual menu on the new, copied dashboard and select the option titled Dashboard Properties.  In the Dashboard Properties window that appears, set the Name field of the Dashboard to the name you would like this dashboard to have.

Note that the new Dashboard will have your account listed as the owner.  This can be modified as needed.

Non-Responsive Dashboard Copy

For a Non-Responsive Dashboard, the procedure is somewhat different.  Use the following steps to create a duplicate copy of the non-responsive dashboard:

  1. Log in to the instance with an account having at least one of the following roles; pa_admin, pa_power_user, or admin.
  2. Browse to the non-responsive dashboard for which a copy is needed to be created.
  3. Click the Edit button which will place you in Edit mode for this dashboard.
  4. Click the cog icon at the upper right corner of the dashboard display.
  5. From the pop-up menu that appears, click the option titled Duplicate.
  6. The newly copied version of the dashboard will be created with the name Copy of <Original Dashboard Name>.  Thus, you will probably want to rename this dashboard.  To do this, click the cog icon again and select the Modify option from the pop-up menu and update the value in the Name field.


Note that when copying the Dashboard, the actual widgets are not duplicated as the Dashboard does not contain actual copies of the Widgets but rather a reference to the controls and Widgets placed on the Dashboard.

Thus, making a change to a Widget or other control on the Dashboard will cause the change to be reflected on all the Dashboards and Homepages that include this Widget.

Additional Information

More data regarding the Administration of Dashboards can be found by searching (specifying your specific version of the ServiceNow platform) on the ServiceNow Docs site.