Changing the size of a column in a list



How to change the column width in the list.


  1. Navigate to "Field Styles" module
  2. Add a new style
  3. Fill out the parts to your need
    1. Table - [whichever table]
    2. Field - [whichever field to change]
    3. Value - javascript: true;
    4. Style - width: [number here]px !important;   // no brackets needed, just make a number; eg. 200px
  4. Submit
  5. Load the list

If this isn't working, please make an incident referencing this KB article.

Below is an example for incident Priority column style:

Additional Information

This width customization would not work if the number of columns on the list is high enough to make the horizontal scrollbar show up. Therefore the same style would show as getting applied on a wider screen and would not seem to take effect on a smaller screen.