Manually added group approvals are not being set to "approved" on change request



If you have an approval coordinator that has manual approver activity and adding manual approver groups on the change request will set the state of the manual group approvers to "requested".

But as soon as all the related approvers (coming from manually added group approvers) were approved it will not change the state of group approvals to "approved" you will still see it as requested.


Jakarta and Kingston


This is an expected behavior based on the prb's (PRB1115684) engineer details -  The criteria for the manual approval is that an approver exists and that it is in the status of not requested when the activity starts.  If a manual approval is in an approval coordinator it could be restarted if a new Approver is added and the Coordinator is still executing.  This was a bug in Helsinki and fixed in Jakarta.  We will add a property to enable this behavior or letting a manual approval to restart when in a coordinator.

You will be able to reproduce the scenario in OOB Kingston.


If you want manual approvers to be picked up and recognized please add below property to the instance and set the value to true,
Under system properties > click on "all properties" > click on "new"
Name - glide.manual.approval.pickup_on_update 
type - true/false
value to true.

Additional Information

PRB - PRB1115684, please go through the prb for more details.