How to capture and migrate an existing ATF test or suite via Update Set



You may decide that you want to migrate an ATF test or test suite to another instance, but you did not capture its creation in an update set. Recapturing the test/suite in an update set is fairly easy as long as you make sure to capture all the pieces involved.


  1. Create a new update set
  2. Make a trivial change to each of the records that compose the test/suite:
    • The sys_atf_test_suite record(s) (if applicable)
    • The sys_atf_test record(s)
    • Each of the sys_atf_step records
    • Any custom sys_atf_step_config records (if custom step configs have been created)
  3. Mark the update set as 'Complete'
  4. Retrieve and commit the update set on the desired target instance

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