How to format Document ID and Document type fields in excel spreadsheet while using an import set



This article will describe what the proper format of Excel sheet is supposed to be for Document ID and Document type fields while using an import set to import data. These fields are included in tables such as Translated text, Approvals, etc.


For Document and Document ID type fields, it is important to specify both for the import to work correctly. If one of them is missing, then the import will not be successful.

Document: Name of the document (Catalog item / Record Producer / Incident / etc.)

Document Sys ID: Sys_id of document. 

The example below describes the breakdown for adding a translation of a catalog item in Translated Text table [sys_translated_text]:


Document: name of catalog item 
Field Name: such as "name" or "short description" (depending on which needs to be translated) 
Table Name: sc_cat_item 
Document Sys ID: sys_id of catalog item 
Value: translation (example: accès for access) 
Language: fr (French) 

Refer to KB0690155 for successful import of this excel file using import set.

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