Several clones in the state of 'Hold'



Under 'Clone History' multiple clone requests where 'State' is set to 'Hold' can appear. 
This article explains why these entries can generally be ignored.


When a clone's 'State' is set to 'Hold', this means the server rejected the clone request. Here are some of the most common reasons:
  • The clone was not ready to proceed by the scheduled time.
  • In pre-London releases, additional clone requests were submitted before the first one completed. The source clone for these requests are the same. We only allow 1 clone per database server source.
  • Target instance is not downgraded.
  • Problem with the backup used for the clone.
  • An active clone already in progress to the same target instance.

Reasons To Ignore

Clone requests which are on 'Hold' will not be executed. They do not interfere with normal processing nor prevent the launching of new clone requests.
They are essentially cancelled clones whose entires remain in 'Clone History'.
You can filter out these clones on 'Hold' similarly to how 'Draft' are filtered out.

When Action Is Needed

If the clone 'State' is set to 'Hold' and the clone has not started (plus there is no clone currently running), please submit a new clone.
If the new clone still does not start, please contact ServiceNow support for assistance.

Additional Information

Starting in London, multiple clone requests for the same source instance can be requested. More information can be found in the following product documentation. 

Request a clone