How to tell if a specific record will be replaced during an upgrade



This procedure may be followed to either 1) Confirm if a record will be replaced, or 2) Verify that the record was indeed flagged for replacement post-upgrade.  This information specifically applies to customer-updated (customized) records.


  1. Navigate to System Maintenance > Customer Updates.  This displays the records in the Customer Updates [sys_update_xml] table.
  2. If not present, add the 'Replace on upgrade' field to the list layout via Configure List Layout.
  3. Search/Filter the list where Name contains the 'Sys_ID' of the desired record.
  4. Confirm the 'True/False' value in the 'Replace on upgrade' column.  (If multiple records are found for the same file, seek the record with the latest 'updated' value)
  5. You can control the upgrade of this file by toggling the 'Replace on upgrade' value to 'true' or 'false'

Applicable Versions

Jakarta and later

Additional Information

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