UI Actions created from the Service Order Flow fail to set fields read-only, mandatory, or invisible.


The Service Order Flow does not hide fields although marked as not visible, and mandatory fields do not prevent the state flow from moving forward. When we try to make a field read only with a new UI Action created on the service order flow, this will be ignored. Release record fields are not hidden and the state will move forward.


Steps to Reproduce

1. In the application module left navigation pane, type "service order flow".
2. Select "Service Order Flow" under the State Flow module.
3. Click on New.
4. Select any table, for example Incident.
5. Set the start state to New and the end state to In Progress.
6. Under filed control tab, select "short description" for read only fields.
7. Click Submit.
8. Click on "Create UI action".
9. Go to the Incident table list and click on "New".
10. Fill in the mandatory fields and click Submit.
11. Click on the newly created UI Action on the incident record.
Notice, as soon as the incident state is moved from "New" to "In Progress", the Short Description field is not becoming read only.


This behaviour is by design. Field controls in state flows use client script onChange events to trigger fields read-only, thus only effective when the state changes. When a record is already in the ending state, the ready only/mandatory is not effective as the event is not triggering.


Related Problem: PRB1297048