CMDB Health Dashboard : CMDB Health Result in Domain Separated Environment



Please review our documentation to know more about CMDB health jobs: Domain separation in CMDB Health.

After CMDB health jobs are completed successfully, we can see health result records are shown with the Same CI, Same Task number and for the same metric in different domains. 


Since scheduled jobs are not domain separated currently each Dashboard job run finds health results and scores for all domains together.

As the job loops through each domain, it creates a separate set of cmdb_health_result records based on the rules in that domain (orphan/staleness/recommended). Refer to screenshot below.

This means for a CI there might be one cmdb_health_result record for each domain the CI is visible in

There is an ACL on the cmdb_health_result so that a user can see the cmdb_health_results only for the domain of the session it is logged into.

We have an ACL which is trying to hide them based on the Users Domain. If I deactivate it, I can see all domains:


In this ACL, it's calling a script include which is allowing to show the records as per users specific domain: