Interactive filter in a homepage does not retain the filter values. Setting a default value does not work on a Homepage interactive filter as instead on a Dashboard.


When creating a homepage using an interactive filter, the set filters are wiped out when the page refreshes. This forces to reapply the filters at every refresh period.

The behaviour is not as when the same interactive filter is used in a Dashboard, where the last used settings get saved as default.


Steps to Reproduce


1 - Activate GRC Risk Management plugin.
2 - Go to the homepage Risk Overview.
3 - Click on the edit icon for Profile Interactive filter.
4 - Set the default value to any value in the list, for example Intel.
5 - Click on Update.

Observe the reloaded page, the profile filter is still set to All, and the default value is removed.



Default values have never been supported in Homepages, but only on Canvas/Dashboards. This is expected behaviour and has been identified as a possible product enhancement (existing request FTASK24748 -Provide a way to lock homepage interactive filter selections to prevent them from resetting each time the page refreshes). 

Related Problem: PRB1039882