Data sources with excel files where the first row does not have data, it will process all empty rows


Import of Excel (.xlsx) sheets that the first row has only empty values, or it was generated by applications like LibreOffice Calc, will import the whole sheet including the empty values. The import will retrieve about 65535 rows.

Please note these imports consume a large amount of memory.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create any sheet with LibreOffice with one column and one row of data.
  2. Export this sheet as an .xlsx file and create a corresponding data source to load the sheet.
  3. Alternatively, create a excel document with the first row with only empty values.
  4. Click on 'Load All Records'.

The import shows:

The import processor continues to load even the empty rows.


Open the file in Excel and save it as excel 2007 and ensure the first row is NOT empty.

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