Cascade variable Date typed manually is not applied on order guide subitems in Service Portal


Cascade variable Date typed manually does not get applied to subitems in order guides on the pre-Kingston Service Portal.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Login as admin in a pre-Kingston instance.
2. Navigate to 'sc_cat_item_guide.list'.
3. Select the record with the name 'New Hire'.
4. Tick 'Cascade Variables' and Save.
5. Open the record 'New Hire' again and create a new Variable Set 'Test Date'.
6. Create a new Variable 'u_date' with Type 'Date' in the Variable Set 'Test Date'.
7. Add the Variable Set 'Test Date' to the subitem 'Standard Laptop' in the Order Guide 'New Hire'.
8. Navigate to Service Portal.
9. Order 'New Hire'.

The value of 'u_date' will be applied to subitem 'Standard Laptop' if we select the Date value from the Calendar, but it will not be applied if we type the value manually.


This issue only affects the pre-Kingston legacy SC widget. Since Kingston, a new widget is used for order guides, where this and other issues are fixed.

Related Problem: PRB1296238