[Organization Chart Widget] Scroll with fixed header causes the form to break in hrportal


Organization chart widget scroll does not happens properly when fixed header is set to true in the Theme 

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Go to any Kingston Patch 6 instance
  2. Make sure in the theme the fixed header checkbox is unchecked
  3. Now impersonate David Loo (Reason: this user has a manager and he is a manager of other users)
  4. Go to the following link by clicking on the org chart menu item.
  5. Go to https://<instance_name>.service-now.com/hrportal?id=my_org_chart.
  6. On scroll you will see that the form is broken and the scroll happens above the header.


As a workaround, in the theme of the portal (HRJ Theme, for example) the fixed header field can be unchecked. This will fix this issue but the header will be not fixed anymore on scrolling.

Related Problem: PRB1296059