On domain separated instances the row count in the list pagination of the process tables is inaccurate


On a domain separated instance, the row count displayed is inaccurate in a process table containing processes that override other processes in the parent or global domain.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Log in a domain separated instance with demo data.
2. Switch your domain to TOP.
3. Go to the list view of the Catalog UI Policies table and include the Domain and Overrides field in the list layout.
4. List edit the Catalog UI Policies and update the value of the Order field of some records. New Catalog UI Policies are inserted in the TOP domain that override global processes and those global processes are not displayed in the list. Notice that the value of the total number of rows does not change.
5. Configure the list view to display 10 rows per page. The first page does not display ten rows.
6. Go to the next page and you will not see ten rows either.
7. Count the total number of records visible. Observe these are less than the number of rows listed in the pagination.


This is working as designed. The user has access to all the process records in that table, however these are just hidden from the view to filter on what is most relevant and applicable to the user.


Related Problem: PRB635306