How to add additional instance types to Cloud Management Discovery



You need to enable newer instance types for AWS


Please do the following to add any newer instance types.

  1. In the left-nav filter, type in cmdb_ci_compute_template.list
  2. Click New in the Hardware Type table
  3. Provide the necessary information. Use the name and ObjectID to be the same (e.g: c5.large)
  4. Save the record
  5. In the Related Items, press the + button
  6. In the next screen you will see a list of Suggested Relationships. Select Hosted On (Parent)
  7. In the Filter below, select Class is AWS Datacenter. You can remove the Operational Status filter item.
  8. Click Run Filter
  9. It will bring up a list of Configuration Items below. Select the right AWS region
  10. Click the + in the Relationships section below
  11. Select Hosted on::Hosts
  12. Click Save and Exit