Connect chat does not support encryption of the messages.



Connect chat does not support encryption of the messages. 

Connect Chat - Encryption

Regarding chat and connect, there is no explicit encryption set up for conversations and their logs. However, it is worth noting that all the conversations (legacy and connect) are handled in the platform. Your users are logged into the instance, which is secured via SSL, and all of their communications are between the browser and instance - in that encrypted session. There is no direct user to user communication. We previously have described the process like this:  

- I open a chat to you.  
- A database record is created to track the conversation.  
- I send a message, that message is stored in the db and linked to that conversation.  
- The system sends an alert to you.  
- You accept, etc...  
- Your browser pulls the conversation info from the database.  
- You respond.  
- Repeat.  

Additional Information

You may be able to configure the chat_queue_entry or live_message tables to encrypt the message fields to protect the logs, but it is not something that is available as a configuration option out-of-box and thus would be a custom implementation.