How to grant or restrict access to the users for the Pop-up view in schedule page (



Configure ACLs to grant or restrict access to the users for the Pop-up view in schedule page (

  1. Navigate to : https://<instance_name>
  2. Double click on any day to add a schedule
  3. Notice the pop-up view for "Add Schedule Item"

We can restrict or grant access to this pop-up view to the users using ACLs.


Image 1: The below screenshot shows how the scheduler window looks like when you navigate to /

Note: The URL used to navigate to a particular schedule page (cmn_schedule_page) on the scheduler window looks like


Document for reference:

Image 2: The pop-up view when you double click on the schedule window to add a schedule item: 


  1. The table that configures the pop-up on the scheduler is "cmn_schedule_span"
  2. To grant read access to a particular set of user, create a read ACL for that role on "cmn_schedule_span"
  3. Similarly, configure the write and delete ACLs on cmn_schedule_span" to manage the access on the pop-up view.

Note: cmn_schedule_span is the table that configures the Schedule Entry Layout. 

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