Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut when submitting forms in Service Portal



Why Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut saves some forms in Service Portal, but not others? Is it possible to configure this?


Some forms in Service Portal have Save buttons which can be submitted by the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S. For example the Form widget or the Widget Editor configuration page. See the attached screenshot of the 'Save (⌘ + s)' button.

In Service Portal, there are also other forms where Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut does not work, for example the Submit button in the Service Catalog. Notice that their name does not contain '(⌘ + s)'. 

Unfortunately, there is no simple way of adding the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut functionality to the buttons which are not configured that way already. You'd need to clone the widget and then update it by using logic from the Form widget. This requires advanced angular.js knowledge. 

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