Guided Tour on Tabbed forms fails with the error "Not found in current view"


Guided tour fails on tabbed forms with the error 'Not found in current view'.


On tabbed forms, we need to use a step in between prompting the end-user to click on the section (TAB).


Create a new guided step before the step on the element in the tabbed section, pointing end user to click on the section. For this create a Guided Tour Step target reference and use it in the Guided tour step.

To create target reference:

  1. Navigate to the Guided Tour Element form: https://<instance-name>
  2. Create a new record:
    • Type = Form
    • Table = Table name
    • Form Element = Form Section tab only
    • Form Section = SYS ID of the section
  3. Get the sys id of the section: Go to sys_ui_section > Filter by table > Open the required section
    • Copy the sys_id from the context menu.
  4. To add the target reference to the guided tour step, go to Guided Tour
  5. Click on the Guided Tour
  6. In the guided tour steps related list:
    1. New
    2. On tour step section > Target reference,