Business rules are not being overridden in a sub-domain after saving or updating the record



In a domain separated instance, when saving a business rule created in a parent domain while being in the child domain, the business rule is not overriden. 

The override column does not get filled in nor is there an info message along the top to state that the business rule has been overridden for that child domain.



All releases



This is caused by the following system property being configured to true:


You can find out more information about the above system property via the following Documentation:

Default Domain Scope



If the above system property is configured to be true, you will need to toggle the domain scope.

  1. Ensure you're on the correct child domain
  2. Open up the business rule configured on the parent domain
  3. Right click and open the context menu, and then choose "Toggle Domain Scope"

    Your domain scope should now be expanded as seen by the info message that appears with the message:
    "Domain scope expanded!"

  4. Save or Update the record

    An info message should appear similar to the following message:
    "A new 'Business Rule' has been inserted to override '<Business_rule_name>' for domain '<child_domain>'