A User Belonging to a Group Containing 'admin' and 'security_admin' Roles Cannot Add a New Member to this Group


A user belonging to a group containing 'admin' and 'security_admin' roles cannot add a new member to this group.

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One cause might be that, a user within the aforementioned group must elevate his or her roles to security_admin prior to adding new members to the group.


The role "security_admin" has elevated privileges. For example, if a user has the "security_admin" role, he or she will need to elevate roles to "security_admin" prior to making configuration changes that require that role. If elevate role is not performed, the platform will not allow you to perform functions related to that role. 
Hence, a user must click "Elevate Roles" and select the role "security_admin" and then add new members to the group.
To elevate roles, In Homepage, click on the name of the user on the header and it shows a drop-down menu.
In the menu, select "Elevate Roles", check security_admin, and press OK.