Workflow does not run because the Workflow Conditions are case sensitive



Workflow condition is now case sensitive. For example, in a workflow based on Incident table with the following condition: 

'Short Description' contains "sap" 

Observation: The workflow triggers only when the 'Short Description field contains "sap" in lower case on the incident. If the user entered "SAP" in upper case the workflow does not pick the condition and does not trigger. 

Expectation: Workflow should trigger irrespective of the case in the condition. 


Issue reproduced OOB on several versions: 
Versions tested: Kingston P6, Istanbul 11b, Jakarta 9, London 

1). Create a simple workflow: Incident Snow test 

Set Values (Assignment group = Analysts, Priority = 3 - Medium 
Table: Incident 
In Workflow Editor > Open the new workflow > Navigate to properties 
In the Workflow Properties > Conditions tab 
'Short Description' contains 'sap' 
Save and Publish workflow 

2). Test the Workflow

a). Create a new incident

Navigate to Incidents > Create New 
Enter mandatory values
Short Description: SNOW TEST SAP 4                                                                              Click Save 

Observed behaviour: The workflow did not attach 

b). Create another incident: 
Short Description: snow test sap 4 
Observed behaviour: The workflow attached and set assignment group and Priority as specified in the workflow 

3). Tested with Business Rule: 
Create a new BR on Incident: 
Table: Incident 
When to run: Short description 'contains' sap 
Insert: True 
Update: True 
Set field values: Category to Database, Business Service to Blackberry 

4). Test the Business Rule (BR)

a).Create a new Incident: 
Short description: SNOW TEST BR1 SAP 
Observed behaviour: The BR did not execute 

b). Create another Incident:  
Short description: snow test BR1 sap 
Observed behaviour: The BR executed and set the field values:

Category to Database, Business Service to Blackberry 


Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston,  London



This is the designed functionality and the expected behaviour 


Condition evaluations are case-sensitive in Business Rule and Workflow Conditions. 

This has always been the designed functionality and the expected behaviour 

The behavior where condition evaluation is case sensitive, is the same in all the different releases such as Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston and London. 

So, this is the expected behaviour and the product has always worked this way