Users are unable to find a record when searching in a reference field



Here are some scenarios in which a customer might be impacted:

  1. The auto-complete functionality on a reference field is not populating with your expected record
  2. Clicking the magnifying glass icon next to a reference field, then searching through the table in the popup window, does not return the records you are expecting to see
  3. Clicking the magnifying glass icon next to a reference field opens the tree picker, but there are very limited items, and the options you expect to see do not appear.





A reference qualifier is added to your reference field dictionary record, which filters the data that is returning based on specified conditions.



If users are not able to return specific records with auto-complete or through the search icon on a reference field, they will want to check the following:

  1. Is there a reference qualifier set up for your field? Right click on your field name, click the option to "Show - 'field_name'", and check the "Reference Qual" section on the Dictionary Info popup window.

  2. If there is a reference qualifier present, please verify that the records you expect to see meet all the conditions.
    For example, if the reference qualifier says - install_status!=7^sys_class_name=cmdb_ci_computer^ORsys_class_name=cmdb_ci_desktop_pc^ORsys_class_name=cmdb_ci_laptop_pc
    In order for your record to be found in your reference field, it cannot have an install_status of 7 AND it must have a sys_class_name of cmdb_ci_computer OR cmdb_ci_desktop_pc OR cmdb_ci_laptop_pc. If the record does not meet these two requirements, the record will not be found. It will still be accessible if you navigate directly to the table that houses the record, but it will not return in the reference field.

  3. Verify that there is not a Dictionary Override record that specifies different conditions for your reference field.
    On extended tables, admins can create a Dictionary Override record on a child table field, if they want the field to have different requirements than what is seen on the dictionary record of the parent table. Many times, customers will forget to check the Dictionary Override table when they encounter this issue. The easiest way to access your dictionary override records is to right click in the header of your form > Configure > All. The resulting page will show you all Configurations for your current table. Navigate to the Dictionary Entry Overrides tab and search for your reference field. Check if there is an override record available for your field, and verify if the reference qualifier is different.