Unable to import/download GRC UCF content


Unable to import/download GRC UCF content. The download status bar is stuck in the middle.


Records stored in (sn_comp_ucf_import_status)(sn_comp_ucf_download_status) tables. 


Please follow the following steps to resolve the issue.

1. Proceed by deleting the records on the (sn_comp_ucf_import_status)/(sn_comp_ucf_download_status) tables. 

https://<instance name>.service-now.com/sn_comp_ucf_download_status_list.do
https://<instance name>.service-now.com/sn_comp_ucf_import_status_list.do

2. Make sure to have one UCF configuration record and delete the extra one if there is. 
3. Clear out the token if the customer is using OAuth method. 
4. Clear server cache by typing 'cache.do' in the search box in the navigation menu in the left side 
5. Navigate back to the UCF integration page, and initiate download again. 

GRC UCF import should function as intended upon deleting all of the files in tables above.