How additional parameters (such as 'sysparm_record_list', 'sysparm_query') gets added in the URL when clicking on a record form a table list.


Let's assume an incident record is accessed via a list, sometimes we do see in the URL containing additional parameters such as "sysparm_record_list", "sysparm_query".
This article explains how these get added to this URL.

Release or Environment

All releases.


So, this can be achieved via before query business rule on the desired table that gets triggered before the list loads.

The following simple example will explain the scenario:

This explains the reason behind the extra field parameters that get added to the URL.

Additional Information

Please do note that this article explains the reason behind this behavior and if implemented, will be considered customization and can impact performance or generate unexpected issues (based on custom logic defined).

This indeed will come out of the scope of ServiceNow Support and for further assistance, please either refer ServiceNow community and contact Professional Services.