Discovery failed with exceptions: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Missing required parameter ip_address



There are Java exceptions in discovery logs for Network devices(Routers and switches).

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Missing required parameterip_address
at com.service_now.mid.probe.shazzam.scanners.APortScanner.getParamAsIP(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.shazzam.scanners.APortScanner.init(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.shazzam.scanners.AUDPPortScanner.init(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.shazzam.scanners.DNS.init(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.DNS.addScanners(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.DNS.processChunk(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.ShazzamBase.syncProcessChunk(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.DNS.probe(
at com.service_now.mid.probe.AProbe.process(
at com.service_now.mid.queue_worker.AWorker.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$



Jakarta and Kingston.



The cause of this problem is both sensors and patterns enabled at the same time. Either of the one should be used, but not both.

  • There is a DNS probe in discovery which is causing Java exceptions.
  • This probe is for resolving DNS names of IPs.
  • This would get triggered twice, one for SMMP Identity - Multiprobe and once again for Horizontal Pattern probe.
  • When it gets triggered with SMMP Identity - Multiprobe, proper IP Addresses are being sent to DNS probe and it is processing good. No error here.
  • When it gets triggered with Horizontal Pattern probe, "null" parameter is being sent instead of IP Address. And this activity seems to be redundant. 
  • This is because, there are both Probes and Sensors, Patterns enabled for discovery.


  • Identify which classification is triggered for the discovery. It should be either "Standard Network Router" or "Standard Network Switch".
  • Open the classifier. (Navigate to Discovery Definition -> CI Classification -> All and search for respective classifier).
  • Under "Triggers Probes" section, you can remove "Horizontal Pattern".
  • Re-run the discovery and it should go good now without errors.

Additional Information

You can contact Customer Support if you have any questions performing the above steps.