Module that specifies view is not honored for table list/form



-- Created multiple modules and specify different views in the modules. User has access to all or most of the modules. User expects when they open up list or form from module, it should open up in a view mentioned in the module. 

For Example: Incident List from Self-Service module should open in self service view.  




-- View Rule override user preferences and module view preference

-- User Preferences for the users causing list from any module to open in one view 


1. If for all users list from any module open up in single view, look for System UI --> View Rule on that table. 

-- For example if issue is with modules on incident table, in View Rule search for table = incident and view = <name of the view>

-- Remove the view rule, flush the cache and relogin make sure you are able to see different view from all modules 

2. If every user open up module list in different views, but view in module is not honored. 

-- In User Administration --> User Preferences table, check for preferences with name '<table>_list.view' or '<table>.view. If you dont have view rule that explicitly applies for user than their view stored in user preferences will be applied. Removing these user preferences will resolve the issue. After deleting user preferences Flush the cache and relogin. 

-- If you dont want user preference to get in the way then you will need to stop them from creating. Create before insert business rule on the table that looks for the name '<table>_list.view' and '<table>.view' and does an abort action to keep new preference from being created.


Additional Information

Here us doc if you want to read more about view management: