Continue Shopping button is redirecting to a blank catalog page



When the users add a catalog item to the cart and click on continue shopping, it redirects them to a blank catalog page 


All the available releases


The user might have modified the OOB catalog_default portal page. This might be the reason why they are redirected to a blank page when they click Continue Shopping button.


The user has to compare the catalog_default portal page with the out of the box one. The sys_portal_page record can be found below.


They have to make sure the sys_portal entries in the related lists exists and check how different the entries are from the out of the box version. If they have to switch back to the OOB version, they have to import the XML of the sys_portal_page record and the sys_portal records that are linked to it. The out of the box sys_portal records corresponding to this particular portal page can be found below.