Why "CAB Workbench" module menu is not available on specific sub-domain?



"CAB Workbench" module menu was not available in a specific domain, ie. after switching user to that specific domain, when user search "CAB Workbench" on the navigation filter, system doesn't show up the "CAB Workbench" module menu. However, "CAB Workbench" module menu shows up on all other domains. 

For example lets consider a sub-domain ACME, where the "CAB Workbench" module menu was not available to ITIL user as shown in the below screenshot.

However, same "CAB Workbench" module is available on other domains for the same ITIL user as below.


Any supported release


The "Change" application menu and "CAB Workbench" module menu were overridden in the "ACME" sub-domain so that they are available only to "ITIL_admin" user and "CAB WorkbencH" module was deleted as shown in the below screenshots. 


Delete the overridden "Application menu" record in sub-domain or sync it as per the record in global domain. 

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