LDAP integration is not populating Group Member data in sys_user_grmember table



LDAP integration is not populating Group Member data in sys_user_grmember table


We have already imported users and group via LDAP successfully. But the problem is, Group members are not getting populated in sys_user_grmember table.



 In LDAP integration, populating Group Members are handled via an onAfter Transform script which includes below code:

ldapUtils.addMembers(source, target);

The source object in above code refers to import set table which holds the LDAP Group import data. Field u_member in import set table holds Group Member(s) data. Behind the scene, platform use u_member field value in order to find the right match in sys_user table. When the match is found, that particular user is added as a member in sys_user_grmember table.

Most of the time, we found that u_member field field length/size for import set table in dictionary is short therefore, incoming data from the LDAP is truncated which in turn causing no match in sys_user table and this issue appears.



Increase the field size of u_member field in sys_dictionary for the specific import set table and the issue is fixed.