Reference qualifiers on lookup fields on forms do not work if List v3 is enabled


Reference lookups on forms when using List v3 do not apply the reference qualifier filter.


Steps to Reproduce

1 - Login a pre-Jakarta instance.

2 - Activate List V3 plugin:
 List v3 > Properties > Enable list v3

3 - Create three custom tables:
Table: SLA Category
Field1: Category
Type: string
Table: SLA Item
Field1: Item
Type: string
Field2: Category
Reference to: SLA Category
Table:SLA Facilities
Extended from Task
Field1: SLA Category
Reference to: SLA Category
Field2: SLA Item
Reference to: SLA Item
Dependent field: SLA Category

4 - Go to Facilities form layout. Add SLA Category and SLA Item to the form.

5 - Go to SLA Category > insert categories

6 - Go to SLA Item > insert items and categories

7 - Go to u_facilities.list

8 - Choose a category

9 - Click on the magnifying glass from item field. Notice the reference filter is ignored and all items are showing.




The workaround on affected instances is to use List v2, where the reference filter is validated.


Related Problem: PRB707224