How does isAdvancedUI() function work?



isAdvancedUI() is a function that is used in many UI actions under condition fieldĀ for visibility purposes.


isAdvancedUI is a business rule defined at table "global".

It checks the user preference named "glide.ui.advanced" as well as the system property's value named "glide.ui.advanced" (under certain conditions)

The following is the script defined in this business rule:

function isAdvancedUI() {
var user = gs.getUser();
var pref = user.getPreference('glide.ui.advanced');
if (pref == null || pref == '')
pref = gs.getProperty('glide.ui.advanced');

return pref == 'true';

This system property decides the visibility of "Save", "Insert" and "Insert and Stay" UI actions on the form (which explains via the above mentioned business rule on how it is controlled at first place)

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