"Load All Records" UI Action is Missing from the Data Source Form



After upgrading, users no longer see the "Load All Records" option under the Related Links section in sys_data_source records. 


Istanbul & Later


The out of box "Load All Records" UI action was updated by development to include the 'import_admin' role in the Required Roles embedded list. Users who do not have this role associated to their user account will no longer see the "Load All Records" link.


Typically, if users require the ability to utilize the "Load All Records" UI action to import records from data sources, removing the 'import_admin' role requirement would revert the behavior back to that of Helsinki and earlier.

However, our developers have tightened security around the import process and have implemented a role requirement at the java level for the sys_import.do Processor page. When users click the "Load All Records" link, the sys_import.do page loads.

Even if an admin were to remove the 'import_admin' role requirement from the UI action, clicking the link loads a white page with the message "User Not Authorized".

This is because developers have required that the user must have one of the following roles to see the page:





There are two workaround options here:

1. If admins do not want users to have the 'import_admin' role- Remove the 'import_admin' requirement from the "Load All Records" UI action. Then grant users the 'import_set_loader' role.


2. If admins do not want to modify the out of box UI action, granting the 'import_admin' role to their users will allow them to access the sys_import.do page without issues.