How to strip formatting from text pasted in the Message HTML field of an email notification record



Sometimes, text pasted into the Message HTML field of an email notification record comes with formatting that doesn't render as expected when converted to HTML. This articles covers how to strip the formatting from the text so that it renders in HTML as expected.


Sometimes the formatting that comes with text pasted into a Message HTML field results in Description Term <dt> and Description List <dl> elements being added to the HTML source code, and this can lead to unwanted line spacing.

To remove any unwanted formatting that comes with the text:

1. Copy and paste the text into a text editor that strips formatting, such as Notepad on Windows or Sublime Text on a Mac.

2. In the text editor, organize the text as you’d like, removing any unwanted blank lines.

3. Select All and copy the text from the text editor.

4. Paste the unformatted text into the Message HTML field of the notification record.

5. In the Paste Formatting Options, click Keep Formatting.

Applicable Versions

All versions.