Approving [document_id] field for sysapproval_approver table records doesn't render as a field on Service Portal form widget


The field "Approving" [document_id] appears on Approval records [sysapproval_approver] forms. This field generally displays the type of the record and the record number you will be "Approving", for example, Approving [Change Request: CHG0000038].

However, on Service Portal, when this record is opened using the Form widget, this field is rendered simply as text and not a regular form field, and the formatting is also bad.

Steps to Reproduce

Go to a Service Portal Approval record by going to the following URL: <instance-name><approval-record-sys_id>.

Note that instead of the "Approving" [document_id] field being rendered as a normal read-only field on the form, the field is rendered as normal text on the form widget and the formatting is bad (for example, ApprovingChange Request: CHG0000038).



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